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Trailer Exchange/ Consignment

The Trailer Exchange - Consignment Sales are offered at great rates.  Let us help you get those older or broken down trailers road-worthy and away from your business or yard.  You can always bring it to us for a FREE INSPECTION but please call first to schedule if possible.  We may offer you a cash price on the unit and remove it for you.


If you want to Sell the unit on consignment, and we agree, we would do the following:  Perform necessary repairs to get it roadworthy & to our shop, where we would perform other necessary repairs for SAFETY reasons.  We make the trailer legal, presentable and not an eyesore, ready for sale.  


We would list the unit online in several marketplaces,  show it daily at our shop where we have road frontage exposure on a very busy street both commercial and residential.  We will agree on a selling price range, the cost of moving the unit, necessary repairs & work needed and we will deduct that from the sale price.  From the remaining proceeds we would charge only a 15% sales fee. Have paperwork & pictures ready and CALL TODAY!

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