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Axle & Hub/ Bearing Services

Axle, Hub & Bearing Service is one of our most popular maintenance services since it is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT  - and most ignored.  Most people simply do not want to gather necessary parts & tools, lift the unit, remove the tire/rim assemblies, dismantle the nasty, greasy, rusty, wet hubs, clean out all the old grease inside the hub, clean up the axle, spindle, drums, brakes and re-pack the bearings, press-in new seals, reinstall everything and then clean up!  WE DO!  


LET US MAINTAIN YOUR FLEET where we can even come to you for your convenience.  We would schedule & track maintenance intervals.


If you don't know the last service date or can't find out then remember to get a full service done ASAP.  Then inspect your hubs every 3 months or 1000 miles.  Get a full service done each year and/or 5000 miles under easy or normal loads.  If you overload and stress your trailer, use it very often OR USE IT FOR COMMERCIAL USE then cut those intervals in half to be EXTRA SAFE.  Check for excessive heat, noise, abnormal tire wear, or sagging suspensions or frames daily before & after use.

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