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Trailer Restorations 

Trailer Restorations can be scheduled when multiple REPAIRS are done, and the unit needs everything from WIRING to WELDING.  This is the time to think about giving it another lifespan, while being majorly serviced including complete painting or COATING.   


We offer Complete Services, Custom Colors, New Parts or maybe you just want to make it look decent from the curb.  Good, Better & Best options are available which can be described as: JUST PAINTED - (One Color again, rust remidiated, hand painted where necessary) - DETAILED / PARTS UPDATED - with More (Some metal work, grinding, sanding, rust treatment, painted or coated where needed)

LIKE NEW AGAIN - (grinded, media blasted, sanded or new parts & metal installed with a 2 stage paint or bedliner coating).

  Call for details & scheduling..

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