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Boat / Marine Trailer Maintenance

BOATS are wonderful.  Everybody loves them BUT MOST PEOPLE FAIL TO MAINTAIN THEIR TRAILER pulling their expensive boat full of gear!
In most cases, we find that Hydraulic Brake Actuators are full of water, rust, clogged or leaking somewhere.  Brake Lines might have air pockets or broken fittings.   WE CAN TOTALLY REBUILD or REPLACE your brake systems with new lines, fittings and if needed Stainless Steel OR specialty marine protective coated discs, calipers, drums, etc.  MAINTENANCE Is CHEAPER THAN REPLACING. Brakes are Legally Required when pulling 3000lbs Including the Trailer!   
Water doesn't play well with ELECTRONICS or METAL! Let us SHORE UP & REPAIR all of your YOUR WIRING & WELDS.  Never forget to maintain your HUBS & BEARINGS - ALL YOU OWN RIDES ON THOSE LITTLE BEARINGS.  They must stay Cool & Lubricated.  Specialty MARINE GREASE  can be used when necessary - CALL TODAY so you CAN BE ON THE WATER THIS WEEKEND! 
NOTE: Remember to unplug your harness before going into the water with your trailer or carry a box of bulbs & fuses! Guide Posts & Reflective Stickers go a long way!  LET US CONVERT YOUR TRAILER TO ALL SEALED LED LIGHTING.  BRACKETS & BUNKS hold up your boat so keep them RUST FREE and NOT DETERIORATED INSIDE!

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